08 May, 2014

Turris - OpenWRT and guest access

In my previous blog post I described the way how to configure the Turris router for my home network. I decided to extend the configuration and create the Guest WiFi for other people who want's to access the "Internet". In my solution I'm using the nodogsplash captive portal solution which offers simple way to provide restricted access to an Internet connection. Here is the extended network diagram:

Start with creating the Guest WiFi (http://wiki.openwrt.org/doc/recipes/guest-wlan):

Next install and configure nodogsplash:

Here is the video how the Captive portal will looks like:

The full OpenWrt router configs can be found here:

Enjoy :-)


  1. Hi, where did you buy Turris router? Is there a webshop that sells these routers in EU? Thanks for awesome blog post.

    1. Hello.

      You can not buy this model because this one was given to the participants of the Turris project (https://www.turris.cz/en/), but you can buy a similar one later this year: https://lite.turris.cz/en/


  2. Anonymous29/8/16 14:19

    i am working on capative portal. everything is fine except port number 80. After authentication every port i am able to et access but still port number 80 is getting redirect to spalsh web server .. is there anything wrong with iptables rules ??

  3. Anonymous29/8/16 14:19

    my email id :- hrishabh.rohit30@gmail.com

  4. Login The default local address for the network router is and this is also a “class A” internet protocol address used by the private network


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