17 March, 2009

How to store Google Maps (or any other page) as jpg or png

I'm using my old Palm TX to navigate during my travels. I don't have GPS, but I usually get some maps from the web, store them as jpg and view on Palm as a picture.

I had problems to get big maps from Google to jpg, because all screen snapshot programs can only get actual "screen" (usually just 1440x900).

My palm and other devices can handle much bigger images and it's possible to scroll them. My laptop screen resolution was quite limiting... :-(

I found solution in KDE:
  1. Install Firefox add-on called Abduction!. It will allow you to save pages or part of the page as image (File -> Save Page As Image...)
  2. Run Firefox and chose your place in the map.
  3. Press ALT + F3 -> Advanced -> Special Windows Settings...
  4. Advanced Windows Settings - KDE
    Advanced Windows Settings - KDE
  5. Select Geometry tab and modify "Size" parameters:
Edit Window Specific Settings Kwin
Edit Window Specific Settings Kwin

Then your Firefox should be much bigger (above screen borders) and you should be able to save "one big" page as image...

05 March, 2009

HD Trailers downloaded by wget

I found nice page http://www.hd-trailers.net/ accessing HD trailers from Yahoo or Apple through downloadable mov files. It's quite useful to have mov files instead of using flash player especially if you have slower Internet connection.

Here is short wget command which download mov files from Apple site into directories:


#480, 720, 1080

wget --recursive --level=2  --accept *${RESOLUTION}p.mov \
--span-hosts --domains=movies.apple.com,www.hd-trailers.net \
--no-host-directories --cut-dirs=2 --exclude-directories=/blog \

Enjoy ;-)