27 November, 2013

Server RAID/BIOS changes using HP Scripting toolkit and Cobbler

I have to take care about few enclosures with HP ProLiant BL685c and HP ProLiant BL460c blades (both G1). They are quite old now, but still can do a good job. Because there were no operating system I have no idea how the RAID or BIOS is configured. Obviously I want to have it configured the same and I really don't want to go through all of them one by one and configure it manually.

Lucky for me there is a HP Scripting Toolkit (or HP SmartStart Scripting Toolkit) which can boot over PXE and get/set the BIOS/RAID configuration.
It is handy if especially if you have a new servers without OS installed.

Let's see how you can install and configure Cobbler, NFS, PXE, tftpboot and HP Scripting Toolkit to modify the BIOS/RAID information on the server.

11 November, 2013

Automated installation of Windows 7 in KVM

Sometimes I need to test/work with Windows 7 in my libvirt/KVM virtualization. Because the testing can be destructive I decided to automate it as much as possible. As a linux user there is not much options to modify ISO image and create fully unattended installation, because I need the "windows only" tools for that. I also don't want to use unattended configs shared by SAMBA, because it looks too complex for one VM.

Anyway here is the description of solution how I'm "fighting" with the automated Windows installation in the Virtual Machine manager.