16 April, 2014

Turris - OpenWrt configuration

You can find out some details about Turris wifi router, lot of photos and some command outputs in my previous blog post. Now I would like to describe the way how I configured it according the network diagram:

I will also need my own web pages, transmission torrent client, microsd card, Dynamic DNS and extend the luci interface to add some more stats + graphs. Here are the steps how I did it. There is no guarantee it will work for another Turris router.

System + firewall changes:

Format and mount MicroSD card:

Wifi configuration (I got much better speed than with the default settings):

Change DHCP settings:

Set my favorite led colors:

Another configuration of the LED (Knight Rider) can bee seen in this video.

Add favorite packages and configure Midnight Commander, screen and email.

Configure the DDNS - duckdns.org:

Modify the lighttpd web server to enable ssl (https), serve personal pages and Transmission:

Watchcat is used to monitor network connection "pingability" to otherwise the router is rebooted. Set the checking time for watchcat for 1 hour:

Add few more stats to LuCi interface:

Configure vnstat - software for monitoring / graphing network throughput:

Here is the example how the stats look like:

Transmission bittorrent client configuration:

To access the transmission using RPC (for example from Android Transdroid client) you need to specify the following: https://ruzickap@gate.xvx.cz:443/myadmin/transmission/rpc

Save and reboot to apply all changes:
uci commit

The configuration files created by the steps above can be found in GitHub.

Next time I'm going to describe how to graph the temperature using RRDtool.



  1. Anonymous16/5/14 13:04

    Doufám, že budou i další návody. Osobně bych uvítal config toru a proxy. :-)

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