16 April, 2014

Turris - OpenWrt configuration

You can find out some details about Turris wifi router, lot of photos and some command outputs in my previous blog post. Now I would like to describe the way how I configured it according the network diagram:

I will also need my own web pages, transmission torrent client, microsd card, Dynamic DNS and extend the luci interface to add some more stats + graphs. Here are the steps how I did it. There is no guarantee it will work for another Turris router.

System + firewall changes:

Format and mount MicroSD card:

Wifi configuration (I got much better speed than with the default settings):

Change DHCP settings:

Set my favorite led colors:

Another configuration of the LED (Knight Rider) can bee seen in this video.

Add favorite packages and configure Midnight Commander, screen and email.

Configure the DDNS - duckdns.org:

Modify the lighttpd web server to enable ssl (https), serve personal pages and Transmission:

Watchcat is used to monitor network connection "pingability" to otherwise the router is rebooted. Set the checking time for watchcat for 1 hour:

Add few more stats to LuCi interface:

Configure vnstat - software for monitoring / graphing network throughput:

Here is the example how the stats look like:

Transmission bittorrent client configuration:

To access the transmission using RPC (for example from Android Transdroid client) you need to specify the following: https://ruzickap@gate.xvx.cz:443/myadmin/transmission/rpc

Save and reboot to apply all changes:
uci commit

The configuration files created by the steps above can be found in GitHub.

Next time I'm going to describe how to graph the temperature using RRDtool.



  1. Doufám, že budou i další návody. Osobně bych uvítal config toru a proxy. :-)

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