06 January, 2022

Monitor your Raspberry Pi using Grafana Cloud

Recently my SD card in Raspberry Pi died, because I was storing there the Prometheus data used for monitoring. Frequent writes to the SD card probably destroyed it. 
Anyway I was looking for the alternative how to monitor the RPi without running it (Grafana, Prometheus) myself. 

The Grafana Labs offers Grafana Cloud in free version which is powerful enough to get the monitoring data form your RPi including logs. 

Here are the steps how to configure your Raspberry Pi to use Grafana Cloud: 

Grafana Cloud 

  • Go to Grafana Cloud and create new account.
  • Select your "Team URL" and region:
  • Then select the "Linux Server" and click "Install integration"

  • I left the "Debian - based" as a default and changed the "Architecture" to "Armv7"
  • Copy the content form the Grafana Agent field and paste it to your shell connected to RPi

  • Then continue by "Test integration and finish installation":

After these steps the Grafana Agent should be configured and should start sending data to Grafana Cloud.

Raspberry Pi

It will be handy to add few more features and configure Grafana Agent little bit... 

Do the changes in the terminal:

Then go to the Grafana Cloud again...

Grafana Cloud

  • Login to Grafana Cloud again and click on Grafana:

  • Click on Import:

  • After you import the Dashboard you should see them by going to "Dashboards -> Browse":

  • You can also see the logs from your RPi collected by Loki:

The YouTube video showing all the steps can be found here:

Enjoy 😉 

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