20 February, 2018

Create lab infrastructure running Virtual machines with MAAS using Vagrant

Sometimes it's handy to replicate the physical environment on a single server to do some testing.

In my I case I replicated the environment containing 3 VMs where MAAS was installed on the first VM (kvm01) and other two VMs (kvm02, kvm03) were provisioned by the MAAS. I also defined few networks with IP ranges: deploy_network, control_network, tenant_network

Here is the network diagram of the lab:

You can see the commands I used and descriptive video...

It's better to see the video with lab description:

Here are the commands I used:

Asciinema if needed:

I hope it's helpful for somebody...

Enjoy ;-)


  1. Very neat - and yes, this was helpful for me - thank you for sharing

  2. is there something special in your box ? because i get this error:

    Box 'peru/my_ubuntu-16.04-server-amd64' could not be found....

  3. Nothing special there...
    You can use any generic "Ubuntu image" or peru/my_ubuntu-18.04-server-amd64.

  4. Excellent work. Thank you sir

  5. Amazing, super useful

  6. hi ravi, i checked, its not peru/my_ubuntu-16.04..image, but peru/ubuntu-16.04...image
    you can try


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