16 July, 2017

How-to build PXE Fedora 26 live image

Sometimes it may be handy to PXE boot live image (running only in memory) over the network.

On this page https://lukas.zapletalovi.com/2016/08/hidden-feature-of-fedora-24-live-pxe-boot.html I found a easy way how to boot Fedora Live CD over the network.

In my case I prefer to build my own image to reduce the size, because I do not need GUI and many other applications located on Fedora Live CD.

Here are few steps how to do it using Lorax project.

Prepare kickstart file:

Run the "livemedia-creator":

Then you should see the following file in /var/tmp/a directory:

Then you can use the vmlinuz, initramfs and squashfs.img files and put them to your TFTP server. Once you configure your TFTP + DHCP server properly you should be able to "PXE boot" these files.

You can find some more details here as well: https://github.com/theforeman/foreman-discovery-image

What I like on this solution is, that everything on the client side is running in the memory - so it doesn't matter what you have on the disk.

Enjoy :-)

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