13 February, 2017

Provision Windows Server 2016 in AWS using Ansible via CloudFormation

For some testing I had to provision the Windows Servers 2016 in AWS. I'm using ansible for "linux" server provisioning and managing the AWS I tried it for the Windows server as well.

Because I'm not a windows user it was quite complicated for me so here is the way how I did it.
I'm not sure if it's the right one, but maybe those snippets may help somebody...

Here is the file/directory structure:

├── group_vars
│   └── all
├── tasks
│   ├── create_cf_stack.yml
│   └── win.yml
├── templates
│   └── aws_cf_stack.yml.j2
├── run_aws.sh
└── site_aws.yml

Here you can find the files:

  • group_vars/all

  • tasks/create_cf_stack.yml

  • tasks/win.yml

  • templates/aws_cf_stack.yml.j2

  • site_aws.yml

  • run_aws.sh

You needs to run the run_aws.sh and do necessary modifications in the group_vars/all to get it working...

Enjoy :-)


  1. Could I use another software for this? We are using TNM for our server administration, so I don't want to buy abything else.

  2. Hello.

    Examples above are using opensource tool Ansible (https://www.ansible.com/) which is free.

    Anyway - you can use whatever you want.



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