21 July, 2015

IPA (CentOS7) integration with Active Directory (W2K8)

I have been working with IPA in past few months and I would like to share my notes about the IPA and AD integration.

Network diagram:

I created the trust between the Active Directory and IPA server. There is one windows client connected to the AD and one CentOS7 client connected to the IPA. Both clients are "registered" into the AD/IPA.

Instead of describing the whole installation - I decided to record video contains the AD/IPA installation, client registration and Firefox/PuTTY/WinSCP Kerberos/GSSAPI configuration.

The commands used in the video can be bound below:

Most of the commands and it's description can be found on Google or are obvious. The video has some description, but is't not very detailed.

Useful links:


Enjoy :-)

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