20 February, 2009

BOINC managed from command line - boinc_cmd

I installed BOINC to my server to help world with scientific problems. It's really easy to install it through from repositories of various distributions, but it's not so easy to configure it.

Usually you can use BOINC manager to configure BOINC. Unfortunately it is graphical application and it uses port 31416 to connect to local/remote BOINC installations.

For obvious reasons you don't wan to install GUI applications on servers and you also don't want to enable ports on firewall.

That's time for boinc_cmd and here are few tips how to use it.

  • Set http proxy
  • boinc_cmd --passwd my_password --set_proxy_settings 3128 "" "" "" "" "" "" ""
  • Count all the time:
  • boinc_cmd --passwd my_password --set_run_mode always
  • Don't get more work:
  • boinc_cmd --passwd my_password --project http://abcathome.com/ nomorework
  • Attach to the project:
  • boinc_cmd --passwd my_password --project_attach http://abcathome.com/  project_id
  • Update project preferencies:
  • boinc_cmd --passwd my_password --project http://abcathome.com/ update

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